In the near future, everyone will have a personal account at the Federal Reserve.

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It's all about the ones and zeros.

This is the second post in my cryptocurrency blog series.  The first post can be found here. As I've discussed in other posts, the use of physical cash has been declining since peaking in 2008.  The coronavirus may put a stake through the heart of it.  Generally speaking, if you use a credit

card for payment, no one touches it but you, that’s a serious competitive advantage in the age of coronavirus. Cryptocurrencies are even less physical than credit cards.  Indeed, they aren’t physical at all. Well before the spread of coronavirus, the shift away from physical cash was going…

The death of the 60/40 allocation has lead many investors to have an effectively equity-only portfolio.

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Will Bitcoin replace the U.S. dollar?

This is the first post in a series on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.  In these posts, I make general comments on about owning cryptocurrencies.  These comments are NOT individual investment recommendations.  You should consult with your investment advisor about owning cryptocurrencies or any other investment. Owning and Sizing Cryptocurrency Investments Every investor should have

some exposure to cryptocurrencies.  The only question is how much.  For most investors, the answer is very little, and it should be confined to a percentage of their risk assets.  That is, if an investor decides to allocate funds to cryptocurrencies, it should be a percentage their…