"Accounting is about telling the story of a business in quantitative terms."

I'm pleased to introduce our entrepreneur and family-owned business interview series. These interviews are designed to help entrepreneurs and family-owned businesses think through the benefits, implications, and consequences of taking outside investment. As part of this project, I am interviewing private equity fund managers, middle market investment bankers, attorneys, accountants,

and consultants that advise privately held firms. This first published interview is with Jim Elgart, CPA, who has over 20 years experience advising small and medium-sized businesses.  Over his career, he has served in many roles, including: CFO, founder, and investor in multiple entities.  Jim is a partner with MarthonCFO,…

Anyone buying the Miami Beach 3.25% bonds of 49 is taking massive uncompensated risk.

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Miami could turn into Atlantis.

Generally speaking, most entrepreneurs should have a barbell approach to managing their total wealth.  This requires looking at the entire balance sheet when managing their assets, which I have discussed at length here. Total Wealth Approach In short, a Total Wealth approach considers the business assets and liabilities, as well as

personal real estate and expected cash flows, side by side with financial assets. As a heuristic, entrepreneurs can think of their business interest as a concentrated equity position.  This concentrated equity position typically overwhelms their financial assets in size.  Because of this, the liquid financial assets should be treated…