Because of the depth of our analysis and high production values, we can only initiate one Strategy Book per month.

family strategy book

Our Family Strategy Books are professional designed and bound.

This post introduces the Bantam Family Strategy Book, a bespoke financial strategy and implementation process for families.  They are written from scratch and completely personalized, then professionally designed and bound into a book that is at once beautiful and highly comprehensible. Family Strategy Book Contents Each Strategy Book addresses several major

issues, including: risk management, asset protection, estate and tax planning, and investments.  Critically, every recommendation is designed to work on multiple levels, incorporating the family’s unique circumstances into each investment and strategy. A natural result of the highly personalized nature of the Strategy Book is that they are interesting. …

Financial planning is very 1990's, now it's about risk ontology.

Sun Tzu

Sun Tzu - 544 BC Investment Guru

All Battles are Won or Lost Before They are Fought[1] The slow death of GE, now symbolized with its removal from the Dow Jones Industrial Average after 111 years, offers a number of lessons for individual investors and families in risk management. In order to understand these risk lessons, it’s necessary

to understand how dominant GE was and how far it has fallen. The Roaring 90's It's hard to convey the place that GE occupied in the psyche of America in the 1990's.  It was one percent of the U.S. economy.  If Greenspan wanted a quick take on the economy,…

Investment complexity has been weaponized against investors in the form of hidden risk transfers and punitive fee structures.

Due Diligence - Bernie Madoff

Bernie Madoff. Even casual due diligence would have uncovered the fraud.

Investments have become increasingly complex over the past 30 years. Unfortunately, that complexity has been weaponized against investors.  The usual result of investment complexity is the transfer of hidden risks to investors and the obfuscation of punitive fee structures. Indeed, many times the vendors selling these investments do not fully

understand them. Investors need an un-conflicted third-party fiduciary to evaluate investments on their behalf.  That un-conflicted third-party fiduciary must have the savvy of the most sophisticated industry insiders. Bantam Inc. is the sophisticated third-party fiduciary firm that makes Wall Street work for you. In order to help our clients combat…

Most clients can't give informed consent because they don't understand the products.

Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower, sold twice by con man Victor Lustig.

Victor Lustig was a con man who became famous for selling the Eiffel tower to scrap metal dealers, twice.  However, he had an even better con that serves as an apt Wall Street metaphor for the complex products sold there. Lustig perpetrated a fraud known as the "Rumanian Box".  In

this scam, he had a mahogany box built that had a small slot cut in either end and some cranks and knobs attached to it.  To run his scam, he would find marks who would give him a real $1,000 bill, which he would insert into one end of the…

Investors can't eat before-fee, pre-tax returns, however, investment managers can, and do, and that's the problem.

plate with amuse-bouche

After-fee, after-tax returns are often smaller than investors realize.

Due to the structure of K-1 income, taxes are a killer of attorney returns.  For attorneys, the only criteria for investment performance that matters is after-fee, after-tax returns.  This is because the vast majority of their investable assets are likely to be in taxable accounts.[1] While investors are frequently

presented eye-popping gross returns, they are like top-line revenue numbers for startups.  What falls to the bottom line is often not impressive. As I've discussed in a previous post, the negative compounding effects of fees can eat up 20 to 30 percent of terminal values over long time horizons.  The same…