Multiple brokers, investment advisors, and product vendors, all hostile to each other and fighting a land war for the client's assets.

Map of former Yugoslavia.

Map of former Yugoslavia.

Many of our clients have what I call the "typical Balkanized attorney portfolio" that makes it difficult to manage.  Frequently, they use multiple brokers and investment managers, in addition to having direct investments in hedge, venture, and private equity funds. This results in a monthly deluge of statements and confirms

that can easily aggregate to hundreds of pages. Balkanized Investment Management Most people are aware of the term "Balkanization", which means to break up into smaller parts. In the political context, where a country disintegrates into smaller factions, Balkanization is malignant because the groups are hostile to one another, which…

Many firms talk about making impact investments. Bantam is an impact investment.

purposeful capitalism

Four states for the relationship between investment management and society. CFA Institute

In April 2017, the CFA Institute published a white paper entitled "Future State of the Investment Profession" that examines what they call purposeful capitalism. What is Purposeful Capitalism? In the paper, the writers examine four potential directions for the industry (P.5): Fintech Disruption:  New technologies promote new business models; disruption

and creative destruction are endemic; challengers do better than incumbents; major disruptions to the world of work; Parallel Worlds: Different segments - by geography, generation and social group - engage in society differently; a higher baseline for financial services participation with wider dispersion; product preferences for personalization, simplicity and speed;…

We've just taken fiduciary advice to the next level.

We are pleased to announce the official launch of Bantam Inc. a registered investment advisory firm and benefit corporation with an initial niche of fiduciary services for attorneys. Bantam is bringing a new level of fiduciary guidance to our clients for all aspects of their finances and investments.  Our clients

benefit from our flexible consulting arrangements, where we serve as their outsourced chief investment officer and help them manage their finances. Importantly, clients can work with us on a consulting basis without having to move their assets.  This model allows us to address the specific needs of our clients quickly,…